Experiment with photoshop cs5


4 new logo designs by Me!

Below are my 4 fresh new logo designs for clients, so please  have a look and feel free to comments on them:

what is so special about the FedEx logo?

Hi there!

just look at the Feedex logo for few seconds and you will see a hidden symbol in it. whatever you see there please leave a comment


Top 5 Tips on What Makes a Good Logo?

One of the most important marketing tools is an effective logo. It provides an easily recognizable identity for your business or organization. It not only communicates who you are but what you are. Therefore, every business or organization contemplating adopting a logo should know the criteria that make for an effective logo.

  1. The first characteristic of an effective logo is that it has immediate impact. Your logo should catch the viewer’s eye and hold the viewer’s attention. Consider the logo of Apple Computers; the graphic apple with a stylized bite taken out of it has immediate product and corporate identification with consumers. An effective logo “grabs” attention.
  2. In addition to impact, a good logo must be good to look at. An effective logo should have the look and feel of “art”, if a logo is not appealing to the eye it will defeat its purpose – attracting attention and providing effective identification.
  3. A good logo must also copy well. In any business or organization, the use of a logo becomes ubiquitous – it is ever-present on buildings, letterhead, signs, products, promotional items, etc. A good logo will be as effective on a business card as it is on a billboard – small scale and large scale uses. Will the logo still be recognizable printed on the barrel of a ballpoint pen?
  4. This brings us to the next characteristic of an effective logo the logo must create or evoke a positive image. “Branding” is a common marketing principle based on product identification growing out of identifying a product with a positive image and a sense of goodwill.
  5. Another characteristic of a good logo is that it accurately represents the organization or business. If a company or organization wants to project a serious, professional image, the logo must look professional. A humorous or whimsical logo would be counterproductive to projecting professionalism.

Late Muhammad Nawaz

Assalam o alaikm

Dear friends

here is my father Late Muhammad Nawaz’s portrait that i did last night as i was to start this blog and was thinking about the first post, thank to Allah that this idea of making my dad’s portrait came into my mind it is great way to thank my father for what i m now is all because of him. he was a calligrapher and a cinema artist. was very famous in 80s into poster making he was a great inspiration for me to learn art and calligraphy. It is done with Adobe Photoshop cs5 soft brushes and smudge tool with some color corrections it took me abot 4 hrs to complete this.


Mhammad Shahbaz Nawaz


0092 313 4070 634

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